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The past couple of years have seen the rise of “Mommy blogs,” or blogs that are characterized by their content relating to parenting and keeping home. Popularity has continued to increase with the growth of the social network Pinterest, a favorite of middle-aged women. Even though the sheer number of Mommy Blogs is huge, they are not lacking in fans. How did Mommy blogs get to the top of the blogging food chain, and how are they defending that position so well? After learning to write persuasive posts and create epic content,  here are some of the other methods that Mommy bloggers have mastered:

Mass Appeal – Parenting, organizing, cleaning, cooking, and similar topics are all something that every audience can relate to on some level. You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who has never laundered their own clothing before. And even if their viewership doesn’t have children or spouses, the viewers can pick advice that does apply to them, or enjoy the funny stories and pictures of spouses and kids.

Sharing – Mommy blogs are experts at featuring guest posts and backlinking to other favorite blogs. When one blogger wants to share another’s recipe, the bloggers know that this will increase the amount of views that both of their sites will receive. Mommy bloggers create a network of content and writers similar to themselves, a method that allows them to pass along and share viewers.

Simplicity – It seems that the main goal of these parents is to simplify their lives. When these parents didn’t have the time or energy to cook after coming home from work, they invented homemade freezer meals or dump bag crockpot dinners. What can we learn from this? Your blog should give the masses what they want, namely, an answer to a question or a solution to a problem. It’s possible that your viewers didn’t even know they had a problem until they read your content, but that only works to your advantage – it means no one else has offered a way to fix it yet.

Human – Mommy bloggers always have great bios on their sites. They generally start every post about their lives before diving into the content that you came there for. They like to interact with their visitors through their comments. Putting a human voice and face to the author of blogs makes them more appealing for your audience. Even sponsored Mommy bloggers put a unique twist on whatever product they’re promoting. Don’t be afraid to let yourself come out in your writing!

Working social media – As Pinterest shows us, Mommy bloggers are notorious at sharing their content on social media. Many of them catch readers by dressing up pictures from their posts through photo editing software. But they don’t just dump their own content – they interact with other “pinners,” create group boards, and follow other Pinterest users. Mommy bloggers understand that using social media to promote their website is a two-way street.