The Revolution

Apps have infiltrated the way we communicate, entertain ourselves, and even live our daily lives. Name any task or action that you need to do, and there is probably an app for that. Apps are not just useful tools anymore; they are taking over media as a whole.

Apps have become a form of media. Titles of books, music, and movies are being released on apps which are dedicated to those titles. More and more businesses are starting to develop their own company apps, replacing the demand for a company website. Just like app hosting, the development and design of mobile apps has become a very lucrative and profitable market.

This revolution is also worldwide. With Apple apps available in 72 different countries, app downloads have sky rocketed within the last year. Fiksu, a technology marketing company, tracked Apple app downloads over the months. According to Fiksu, in November iTunes reached 5.65 million downloads per day, an 83% increase since November of 2010. And according to the analytics firm Flurry, there are 91 million smartphone users (both iPhone and Android) in the US alone to which apps are marketed. Flurry also reported that over 6.8 million Android and iOS devices were activated on Christmas day.

With this dramatic increase of app downloads and activity, it’s hard not to be impressed. It also gives us a glimpse into where media is headed. All this activity isn’t just growth of mobile apps; it’s an app revolution.

Enter App Cooker

With such a huge app movement, developers specializing in app design are kept pretty busy. With hundreds of apps being developed regularly, the market has become very competitive, especially in iTunes. This creates the perfect environment for French app developer, Hot Apps Factory, and its newest application, App Cooker.

Available on the iPad for US $19.99, App Cooker is an aide for mobile app designers. App Cooker is designed to be sleek and simple in order to help both the amateur designer develop his or her skills and the seasoned creator make his or her job a little easier.

App Cooker creator Xavier Veyrat developed the app in order to help make app designing smoother and to hopefully increase the quality of apps by providing designers with tips and tools to improve app creation. App Cooker designers established and followed 10 basic guidelines called, “10 Principles for Good iOS Design,” which are listed here:

  1. Define the idea precisely
  2. Fulfil the user’s needs
  3. Focus on a great ui and ux
  4. Make gorgeous graphics
  5. Iterate to reach perfection
  6. Stay smart and elegant
  7. Polish the app icon
  8. Speak loud and clear
  9. Price it honestly
  10. Think mobile, think tactile.

The tools that App Cooker provides help users to adhere to these guidelines. The tools both teach and support app designers to brainstorm, correctly develop, and sell apps. It also gives designers a playground to test out their app by literally navigating and clicking through the app. This should help cut down on apps that frequently have to be updated in order to fix bugs or coding mistakes.

Users are accommodated with a large tool kit. App Cooker starts designers off by providing a “Product Definition Statement,” a place for developers to first lay down their idea, purpose, and goal for the future app. A mock-up board provides a template to design screens, arrange navigability, and test out the app itself. Although possibilities for the app design are expansive, there is no coding involved, making app building all the simpler.

Once the app is created, App Cooker guides creators through icon designing and marketing methods. It also has a tool to help plan cost-efficiency, helping the user establish and measure development costs, marketing strategies, and a profitability calculator. It finishes off with a step-by-step guide on how to submit the completed app to iTunes.

With such a large media movement, App Cooker can help facilitate the massive adoption and creation of apps. Xavier Veyrat expresses, “We’re positioning ourselves to help the future app makers of the world, and it’s an exciting place to be.”

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