Did you get a shiny new gadget this holiday season? We’ve collected a list of the best ways to recycle or resell your older tech items. Whether your goal is to get a little cash back in your pocket or just recycle responsibly, these programs may be just what you’re looking for.

In-Store Programs

Best Buy: Recycle

Best Buy has an excellent recycling program. They’ll work with you to get almost anything recycled properly. They will even pick up your old bulky appliances and TVs from your home. Sometimes this service is free, sometimes it’s for a fee depending on where you live and if you bought something that’s replacing the old item.

Start by visiting the link above to determine if your items are recyclable. You can then drop your items off in-store and be on your way!

GameStop: Resell

You can get your items appraised through GameStop’s sell or trade program. Get them appraised online or in-store, then get cash or trade-in credit. Start on their site and see if you like what they’re offering you.


Online Programs

These online programs work in similar ways: go to the site, find your item, choose the condition, get an estimate, accept the estimate, then ship it in. Generally, the item ships for free and they send your payment as soon as your item passes an inspection. All of these programs except for Amazon offer cash for your trade. But for most of us, an Amazon credit is probably about as good as cash!

I did some testing of estimates with a few different items I have laying around, and each site uses a slightly different algorithm. The prices differed a bit on different sites, but it wasn’t consistently higher or lower on specific sites. Check it out for yourself and see which provider can get you the most buck for your stuff.


Amazon Trade-In

BuyBack World

It’s Worth More

Green Buyback



Cell Phone Carrier Programs

Most major carriers in the US will take used cell phones and tablets in a buyback or trade-in program. They will appraise your device and give you credit toward a new device purchase with them. The best part about these programs: the carriers will then repurpose the devices and get them to new users in need. Used devices are given to active duty military personnel and victims of domestic violence so that they have the resources to make phone calls when they need to. Devices are also used in programs to promote online safety for kids and teens.

AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile all have recycling programs!

Keep it Out of the Landfill

If you’re ready to accept the fact that you might not be able to get any cold hard cash for your old gadgets, use Recycle Nation to find out where you can properly recycle items near you!