Dedicated web hosting is a fantastic solution for anyone interested in moving up the web hosting ladder.

Remember that you are buying two things with your dedicated server.  Be careful to make sure that you get what you need on both ends, as a processor or bandwidth bottleneck can ruin any hosting experience.  Dedicated web hosting is a fantastic solution for anyone interested in moving up the web hosting ladder to something more customizable, more controllable, and more powerful.  It is time to put down that toy of a shared hosting account and play with the big boys.  Dedicated hosting comes in tons of sizes and flavor – from minimalist hosting that has little to no support or maintenance, to full fledged managed hosting complete with 24/7 support, multiple backed up copies, and redundancy redundancy redundancy. You are buying the computer and you are buying the bandwidth.   Here are a couple reasons we reccommend to most businesses to upgrade from shared hosting to a dedicated hosting server.

* You will have the freedom to do whatever you want. In a shared hosting environment, your space is extremely limited as to what you can do. For example, shared hosting accounts only allow you to send 500 emails an hour. Even though 500 emails an hour sounds like a lot, it makes sending out a wide reaching newsletter pretty much impossible.

* Your shared hosting environment only allows you to use a set amount of CPU time. If you exceed this CPU usage limit, your site is shutdown.  This is something that very few shared web hosts tell you about.

* At times we upgrade the software for the better of all users which may affect your websites performance for a while. With a dedicated server, you have full control over your upgrades.

* The problem with sharing a server with other sites is just that, you are sharing your server’s resources (CPU, bandwidth, processes, memory, etc). As the number of sites on your server rises, the load on the server increases. Also, some of the sites sharing your digital home may suddenly become popular or use insecure code. Since we don’t limit the number of sites and server load you may find your site’s performance gradually decreasing.

* You can withstand a much higher traffic load without slowing down your website. It takes quite a bit of traffic to overload a server. But in a shared hosting environment, you are sharing one machine with hundreds of other users.

I hope that all this information helps you to determine if the best way for your business to move forward would be to stay with a shared hosting server or a dedicated hosting server.  You can speak with our customer service representatives that would love to help you to know what option would work best for you.  You can reach them at: 888.504.4678 or click on the chat button on the top right hand corner of the website.