We all know that page speed is important because Google told us so. It can be hard to figure out what is making your speed slow, though. If you don’t have analytics set up we highly recommend you do that first! This is a great tool to utilize that will has a site speed section that can provide you with some great insight.

There are a few things out of your control that influence speed. One of those is your user’s internet service provider (ISP). Do the best that you can, but remember you can’t change their internet speed. Probably not even Hermes can…

Key factors

Web Host

The company you use to host your site can make a difference on your site speed. Here at NetHosting we have a 100% uptime guarantee, and we perform regular maintenance to ensure our customer’s sites stay up. (We also have a great deal going on right now – 6 months of free hosting!)

Optimize for all browsers

Each browser is slightly different. For user experience you should see which browser is most used because that will still increase traffic. For your Google ranking, you do still need to be aware of all browsers. Once your primary one or two are optimized, put a little time into the others. Each browser also responds differently. Analytics will tell you what browser most of your users use so you can cater to that browser but you should keep an eye on the speed of your site on all of them. If Chrome is your most used but you are extremely slow on Safari you will still be penalized all around.

Large Images

You might need high resolution for billboards and flyers, but you don’t need as high of a resolution for screens. In general 1000 pixels at 72 dpi should be just fine and it will increase your site speed.

External Media

Youtube is a great tool that can actually help with site speed. Embedding videos can be very helpful. Make sure the frame size is only as big as you need it, and not any bigger, as that will slow your site down.

Too many adds

Adds slow you down so make sure it is worth it!


Some widgets have extremely dense code and will slow down your site. Research before adding any to your site.

Theme code

Some themes are really complicated and require tons of code. This ads to your load time and something that you should make sure is something you want for your site before applying it.

How is your speed?

Our favorite place to check is GTMetrix. This pulls Google’s opinion as well so you can know exactly what they want you to fix. You can check individual pages or the website as a whole.

Speed Checklist