Managed WordPress Hosting

Just $34.95/mo.

Act now and get 40% off development for your new WordPress Website!* Offer now extended through 12/31/18.

Are you ready to make the leap to Managed WordPress, but dreading the work it will take to move your site over from a different format? We’ll do the heavy lifting for you! Sign up for our Managed WordPress Hosting and we’ll convert your site to WordPress for 40% off. We’ll build your site in the WordPress content management system, then give you the power to edit, fix and beautify to your heart’s content.

*40% off applies to the first 5 pages/sections of a new site when you sign up for 1 year of Managed WordPress Hosting. Additional pages are $100 each.

With our Managed WordPress Hosting you’ll enjoy the following benefits:

  • SSL certificate – A security certificate will make your site more secure and will help improve your rankings on Google!
  • Premium WordPress Security Services
    • 24/7 Site Monitoring – Our experts will have an eye on your site at all times. You’ll know right away if anything has changed so that hacking damage is prevented.
    • Backup Management – We keep clean backups of all of your sites so that restoration is quick and easy if you ever get hacked.
    • Weekly Reports – We let you know what we updated, what we backed up, as well as any problems and solutions we came across each week.
    • Automatic WordPress and Plugin Updates – Outdated platforms and plugins make your site more vulnerable to hackers. We automatically update these items so that you don’t face an increased risk.
  • And, as always, Nethosting gives you 100% uptime, unlimited disk space, file transfer and databases, and 24/7 US support team. If you’re not happy with us even after all this, you have a 30-day money back guarantee to fall back on.

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Why Convert to WordPress?

WordPress is an extremely robust, FREE, and powerful content management system that makes it a piece of cake to create and manage a website without having to call a web designer. While it started out as a blogging platform, it has blossomed into a system with features to fit the one-man-show all the way up to the international enterprise. Here are some of the benefits to using WordPress:
  • Built-in content management system – The CMS gives you full control of your content. Create, edit, pause or discard web pages, blog posts, lead forms, galleries, and more from one intuitive dashboard.
  • Plugins -Much like apps for a smartphone, plugins add functionality to your WordPress site with just a few clicks. Plugins further eliminate your needs for a web designer, because there are plugins for almost anything you can imagine! Social media, ecommerce, analytics, adding media, and so much more.
  • Open source software – Developers all over the world are constantly monitoring and improving WordPress, making usability updates, and adding plugins that you can download. This is truly a product by the people for the people.
  • Choice of themes – You can convert your existing site entirely as-is, with the same look, feel, and functionality, or you can revamp with a whole new theme.
  • Built-in SEO features – WordPress is designed to facilitate SEO with fields for keywords, metadata, RSS feeds, and more.