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Cloud Hosting

All of our Cloud packages Include:


100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Full Root Access
Network Statistics
Remote Reboot
Web-Based Control Panel




With our Cloud hosting, you get a piece of a server (like shared hosting), but it’s “virtualized” – meaning it runs as if it were a dedicated server platform. You can:

  • Choose the operating system you want.
  • Modify server files (you’ll have root access to Apache and PHP).
  • Do a trusty restart whenever you need to without interrupting other server users.
  • Create other user hosting accounts (perfect for developers and web designers who want to host client sites).
  • Build a “dummy” version of your live site to test updates or modifications.

Basically, Cloud hosting mimics a dedicated server, but at a fraction of the cost.

However, the big difference is scalability. With a dedicated server, you get the whole thing to yourself – which is great for high-end sites that need tons of resources to support the traffic they get.