Shared Hosting



  • 24x7x365 Support – Because website issues don’t consult your schedule first.
  • Email Accounts – Need a bunch of professional-looking emails with your domain? Do as many as you want with our Emperor Packages unlimited email accounts feature.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee – We’re confident that we’ve got the best hosting around – but if you decide it’s not for you, take advantage of our no questions asked, 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Unlimited Domain Hosting – Want to set up more than one website? Go ahead, it’s included in the Emperor Package.
  • cPanel – If you’ve hosted before, you probably already love cPanel for managing your files, creating emails, installing dozens of scripts, monitoring statistics, and more.
  • No Price Hikes – Most hosts out there charge you a great intro price – and then jack it up come renewal time. That won’t happen here. Our intro price IS our renewal price.
  • 100% Uptime Guarantee – We’ve been providing 100% uptime to so many customers for so long that we can guarantee it for you as well.



Our Shared Hosting package is designed to help your website succeed at the most affordable price. Whether you’ve got a tiny blog, a big ecommerce site, or anything in between, our hosting package will give you all the tools you need. Come try out our 2 decades of experience and top-notch support to find out for yourself why so many people choose NetHosting.

Our Shared Hosting runs on CloudLinux, meaning your website will be protected from the hosting demands of other customers. Don’t worry again about someone else using up your resources on a server – when we say unlimited everything, we mean it.

Our Shared Hosting makes websites super fast with advanced caching.  We use Varnish Cache to deliver extremely fast speeds, all under your control, with a cPanel plugin.



When you renew for a second contract, the monthly price will remain the same – meaning no shady price hikes like most hosting companies do.

Let’s say you sign up for a competitors plan (which carries the same features as our $3.95/mo hosting). Up front, you pay for 3 years, totaling $142.20. Upon renewal, they raise the price to $10.99/mo – meaning a 3-year contract sets you back $395.64. In 6 years, you’ve now paid $537.84.

In other words, their second contract costs you $253 more than the first one!

At NetHosting, your 3-year contract costs $142.20. Your next contract costs… $142.20. Over 6 years, NetHosting’s plan would save you $253 over choosing the competitorSave tons of cash, choose Nethosting.

NOTE: “No renewal price hikes” only applies to your second contract. There is no guarantee that your subsequent contracts will remain at the same price as your first two contracts.