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SSL Certificate

An SSL Certificate encrypts confidential data that your clients give to you – such as passwords and credit card information. Installing an SSL Certificate allows your site to carry HTTPS instead of HTTP – indicating to the masses that your site is indeed secure. If your site has a login portal or you take credit cards, installing an SSL on your site is virtually mandatory. You’ll lose a significant portion of your potential customers when they notice your site isn’t secure.

In 2014, Google called for “HTTPS everywhere” and they now give more weight to sites that carry the HTTPS. Now, even if you don’t have a pressing need to encrypt important information, Google has made it important for ALL sites to use SSL Certificates. If you depend on Google for traffic, you’ll want to secure your site.

Pick up your SSL Certificate through us, and we’ll install it on your website. In order to make it work, you do need to have a dedicated IP (Dedicated and VPS Hosting packages come with one) which costs $12/year.

If you’re interested in purchasing an SSL Cert, please contact us today!

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