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Dedicated Hosting

All of our Dedicated packages Include:


Supports CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Windows (Defaults to CentOS)
100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Hardware Replacement Guarantee
Dedicated Expert Support
100% Cisco Network
5 Static IP Addresses
Remote Hands


Dedicated Hosting means that you lease an entire server from us, in contrast to Shared Hosting where you only get a slice of one. Having a server to yourself protects you from other users on the same server (although that’s generally not a problem) and allows you to fully customize the server (hardware, operating system, etc.).

Usually dedicated servers are used for high-volume sites that a regular Shared Hosting account couldn’t handle. If you’re not sure whether you need Dedicated Hosting or Shared Hosting, odds are you’d be fine with Shared. Most of our clients start small and then upgrade to a Dedicated Hosting package when the need arises. We make that transition as seamless as possible.