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1. Does the Managed WordPress Hosting package include a shopping cart or other specialty development?

Unfortunately no. Shopping carts require significant setup time and often require paid software upgrades. We will assist you in the set-up and development of a shopping cart or other specialty development at the rate of $100 per hour.

2. Does the $300 development / 5-page cover building my entire website?

The $300 will pay for the first 5 Pages of development. The majority of customer websites are completed within the budget. Anything more than 5 pages will be charged at $100 per page. Building/Set-up of a Shopping Cart will cost $100 per hour. If the customer can provide an excel spreadsheet that includes (Category, Product Title, Description, Manufacturer, Model #, ID # Dimensions, Price and a Link to Product Image (.jpeg, .png) then the process will go much quicker.

3. How long do I need to keep the WordPress Server in order to obtain the $300/5 page Pricing?

The Managed WordPress Hosting agreement is a 1-year term.

We think that you’ll find it valuable to stay on the WP server longer. Managed WordPress Hosting includes daily maintenance and security checks so that you don’t have to worry about your site. It also includes free de-hack service just in case.

4. Why is important that I have the SSL included with the new WordPress server?

Google has changed its ranking algorithm so that sites with an SSL will rank higher than sites without. It is required for sites transmitting sensitive information such as credit card or personal information to be secured with SSL encryption. If a site is not secured with SSL encryption and they get hacked, all of the sensitive information on the site could be leaked or stolen.

In addition, consumers are growing more accustomed to seeing the green lock in the search bar that denotes they are on a secure site. The SSL tells the customer you are who you say you are and your connection to their device is secure so that their data is safe.

5. Why does Managed WordPress Hosting cost so much more than basic Virtual Hosting?

On our basic Virtual Hosting servers, customers are responsible for maintaining their own code. This has often resulted in many out-of-date sites being targeted by hackers because the code was not being properly maintained.

When a site is hacked on our shared servers, we notify the customer and they are required to have their site de-hacked within a prescribed time period. This has left many customers in a frenzy trying to contact a developer that can fix their site quickly.

In an effort to assist our customers we upgraded the servers specifically for Managed WordPress Hosting and include code maintenance in the hosting package. Customers using Managed WordPress Hosting will not have to spend the time to maintain their code unless it is flagged; our team runs daily scans and updates to ensure security. Also, if a site ever gets hacked, the de-hack is also covered within the cost of the Managed WordPress Hosting package.

In short, Managed WordPress Hosting costs more because your site will be more secure. You’ll spend less time making sure your code isn’t infected. You won’t have to worry about platform or plugin updates. We do that for you! You’ll also have the peace of mind knowing that if you ever did get hacked, you wouldn’t have to spend additional time and money on getting de-hacked.

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