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Have you heard what happened to GoDaddy customers? If not, here’s what happened!

GoDaddy developed a technology called Ream User Metrics, also known as RUM. This technology allowed them to “identify internal bottlenecks and optimization opportunities by inserting a small snippet of…code” that “measure[s] and track[s] the performance of” their customer’s websites. They claim the software does not collect any user information, but, on a side note, GoDaddy does not define what “user information” means to them.

GoDaddy decided RUM was something all of their customers needed and injected the JavaScript into their customer’s websites. They didn’t inform their customers of this before proceeding with their plan, and as a result, this broke many websites. This had a very profound effect on sites that use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).  AMP has been used more and more frequently after Google advised customers to use it starting in 2017.

There is a way to correct this.

If you are with GoDaddy you can log into your account you can opt out of using RUM through their “Help Us” section.


Our favorite way is to switch to NetHosting and get 6 months free hosting when you call in or sign up through https://nethosting.com/redeem/ for a limited time!

At NetHosting we would never edit your site without your permission first. Injecting code into customers sites without them knowing feels like a violation of trust and privacy! This is not something you should have to opt out of but rather opt-in. Our customers will never have to experience something like this.

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