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A lot of companies leave a spot for you to add an online resume to your application. This is something that is easier than you might think and doesn’t cost a lot.


There are many reasons to have an online resume, but we are going to focus on the top 5.

1. It is searchable on Google

80% of employers search their candidates on google. Now instead of them finding your facebook or twitter account first, they find your resume. It puts you in more control of your online reputation and what people can find about you with Google.

2. Creativity

With your resume being online you can bring it to life. Add a few things from your portfolio to make it pop even more. Don’t go too crazy as to overwhelm people but give your resume a new touch with some interesting elements.

3. Easily Shared

It is so much easier to give someone your business card with a website than to carry around a folder of resumes. Still, bring your resume to interviews and such but now you have the option to lead someone your direction at any point in time. Master that elevator pitch!

4. Several Versions

It is easy to go in and change or even to have a few different versions. When applying for a developer position you will want all your computer skills and background listed but if you applying for a manager over developers position you will also want to highlight your management skills. Have a few versions ready, maybe a few subdomains up your sleeve based on the position you are looking for.

5. Flexible

Ever find mistakes on your resume? It sucks! And you have already sent it out so it’s too late. Just update your online resume and they will see that too. If you only send the link you have up until they look at it to get that baby fixed up!


Now that you want an online resume, here is how to get one.

Step on is to Sign up for hosting! Easy right? For this, you would just need the royal package and you can purchase that here.

Okay, so you got your hosting. Now we need to log into cPanel and download WordPress. First, login to your NetHosting account at customer.nethosting.com. Go to current services, then virtual hosting. Click the plus under manage and then under tools, click cPanel Login. Then, under Web Applications, download WordPress. Follow the prompts to set up your WordPress account and then it is time to pick a theme.

There are thousands of WordPress themes but here are a few of my favorite for resumes




Spend a little


Unique https://themeforest.net/item/unique-resume-vcard-cv-theme/20033679



Premium Layers 


Once you have that it is time to start building.

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