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Have you heard of Keywords within SEO, but aren’t really sure how to use them? Maybe you haven’t even heard of them before!

Moz describes Keywords in the following manner: “Keywords are ideas and topics that define what your content is about. They’re words and phrases that searchers enter into search engines, or “search queries”.”

We keep hearing (and reading about) how people talk about SEO, and how they need to Keyword items on their site. True or false? FALSE! This is not true!! That is what is called a black hat, an old school practice, and it will actually get you in more trouble with Google than it will help you.

Long Tail

Single keywords are extremely competitive and are less descriptive. Simply searching “baby shark” (because for some reason this song is stupidly popular right now) into Google will bring up tons of different versions and artists (can you even call them artists if they are singing Baby Shark?) If you search “baby shark by my CoCoMelson” you will get the version you are actually looking for. Bidding on one to two words is more expensive, competitive, and doesn’t usually turn out great results. Describe who you are in a bit more detail. This will help the people looking for you find you.



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