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Raise Your Site up the Search Engine Listings this Easter With These 3 Tips!

Easter is Sunday! And, in the spirit of raising things, we want to offer you 3 tips on improving and adding some paint and polish to your site!

#1 Your Site Should Not Be An Easter Egg Hunt

When it comes to your site, all your Easter eggs are pretty much in one basket. The first impression of your site, as well as how easy it is for people to find information, is key! Don’t turn your site into an Easter egg hunt! Having the information easily laid out and accessible is key. You don’t want customers bouncing away from your site bunny-style!

Ask yourself, “Is it hard for a user to navigate my site?” If you have your Google Analytics set up you should be able to tell and it will help you know where to focus on and fix your site. You can also give us a call and we would love to help with this!

For example, on our old site, you had to go to several different pages to read about different kinds of hosting. Then, you had to figure out what is probably best for you. With our new site, you can take a simple quiz that will direct you to what would be the best match and you can watch a video explaining that type of hosting. The whole thing takes less than a minute and makes the process easier for the customer. (Do you agree? Let us know your thoughts on the redesign in the comments below!)

#2 The Easter Basket is Falling Apart

Some of us had the same Easter basket growing up as we do now. We are talking, thirty or forty-year-old Easter baskets. They don’t really function anymore and they are more a memorabilia item than anything else. That is fine…for an actual Easter basket. But when it comes to your website, the same thing that worked five, four years, maybe even 6 months ago won’t work now. Technology changes that fast. Your site should not be a piece of history, and it should definitely not be something you think you can “buy” once and then keep for the next 30 years as is.

The weaving is coming loose? AKA You have broken links and old code? That won’t fly today. Heck, it won’t hold an Easter basket let alone your customer’s interest. If your customer feels you have not taken the effort to keep your site updated then they will not feel comfortable placing an order with you. Or they will not have faith that you can take care of their needs.

#3 Is it Going to Work While the Easter Bunny Bounces Around the World?

Technology is changing everything. We can only imagine the apps, logistics, and instant access to inventory the Easter bunny needs to get all those dang Easter eggs hidden in time. He needs to be able to access your site from anywhere in the world, and have it be mobile friendly so he can use his cell phone for this.

The internet has changed the way we do business, communicate, market, hide eggs, socialize, everything! These days, if you own a business you are signing a slow death certificate if you don’t have an online presence of some kind. And more and more people are using mobile devices to find the answers and solutions they need. Having your site be mobile friendly is key to being found by your market, and a redesign, especially if it incorporates the right tools, will only help boost your mobile friendliness.

Implementing these 3 key things into your site will get the lines hoppin’! Happy hunting, and Happy Easter!