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Some businesses are getting rid of their Facebook pages. Should you be? Here are our thoughts.


Keep it

  • You should keep your Facebook page if you see conversions or at least traffic, that is leading to potential sales or growth.
  • If you see any benefit to your Facebook page, don’t delete it.
  • It’s been over 6 months and you are getting interactions. If you just started your Facebook page give it 6 months before you decide it isn’t worth it.
  • It can help you learn your target audience. You don’t get to choose who likes your product, but you can choose who you’re advertising too! Facebook can help you see who likes your company, which will help your Google Ads target who you actually want.
  • If you want to humanize your company having a Facebook account is a great way to do it. You can add your company personality and use it as a way to stand out from your competitors!
  • Be part of the community. If your company wants to be involved locally, a Facebook page is a great way to make sure you are attending local events, and, let’s others know when you put an event on yourself.
  • If your direct competition has a Facebook page, you should definitely have one, too.

Lose it

  • A Facebook page takes traffic away from your website and Google notices that.
  • Managing a Facebook page takes time.
  • You have to cater to your audience rather than shaping your audience. Your audience is only going to share posts to those who they think are interested.
  • You can end up getting connected to people who don’t need your business.
  • It is unprofessional if you only have a Facebook page and not also a website.
  • There are fake profiles that lead to fake supporters.
  • Fans are not worth anything. You need actual sales, not just followers.
  • You are building your businesses on Rented Space rather than building up your own website with Google. Once you finally do have your own site Google will not know your reputation from Facebook, and it will be like starting from scratch.
  • Facebook is full of click bait!
  • Facebook opposes the open web.
  • Continuing scandals against Facebook could be a sign of the changing times and trends, and Facebook could be on it’s way out.