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If you have been a customer for more than a month, you have probably received an email letting you know Scheduled Maintenance is coming up. Curious about what that is? This is something that our biggest clients have done every month. They are not on shared servers like most of you but have their own dedicated servers and a robust system.


Things like PHP and MySQL need to be updated when new versions come out. This helps keep servers secure. We confirm that any anti-virus, anti-malware, or anti-phishing software you might have is fully up-to-date. We will also run what is called a yum update. This will tell us all the possible updates that the server might need. We choose whether or not to do them, but more than not we almost always do.

Check on things

The other big part of a scheduled maintenance window is double checking that everything is working. We make sure the backups, snapshots, and redundancies are working properly. This ensures that if something happens the newest thing we have is at most a month old. We also will make sure that your traffic hasn’t increased to the point that you need a bigger system. If you do, we will let you know in a Needs Audit.

Needs Audit

This is a form we fill out to make sure that everything above is done and to find anything that is missed in those sections. We make sure we have a plan if something happens and that it is well documented. If something happens and you need your system up in a certain amount of time, or you can’t lose some data, we need to know so we can keep you protected. Any updates that did happen will be recorded here, as well as making sure the right people have the right credentials to your system.

After looking closely at your system we will make recommendations if we think it is needed. The goal is to keep everyone safe from all situations. We have got your back!