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What is a URL? A URL is the Uniform Resource Locator.

What does it do? It tells the internet what the user is looking for with streams of code.

What is a shortened URL? It takes out the long code and the things we might be able to understand while reading it and compresses it in a way Google can still read it.

What does Google want? Google wants to get rid of URL’s. Their solution is not entirely known yet, but they want to kill the URL.

Google has a plan for security. URL’s are not very secure, and you don’t know what you’re clicking on when you click a link. URL’s used to be simple to understand, but over time they have become more complex. Some people have chosen to take advantage of this. Links have malware embedded in them, and you don’t know until you have problems with your computer. Google is trying to fix this issue, but they still don’t have a perfect solution.

In the last year, McAfee reported cyber attacks cost the world $600 billion, and the number of attacks keeps going up. Google has a goal of being trustworthy and safe for all its users. Once they make this radical change I’m sure people will find a way around it; however, it might give us safe browsing for a little while.

As of right now, Google is not sure what they are going to do; at least it hasn’t been released to the public. We will keep you posted.