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You probably already have a website, and now it is time to make Google know you are there! Let’s put you on the map! How do you do that? SEO! (Search Engine Optimization)

Keywords are words that someone might type in when trying to find help with the problem your company solves. Google Keyword Planner can help you find the right keywords for your website. There are plenty of other tools available for this that can provide even more insight – with just a little cost.

Technical SEO is what you have to do to help Google analyze your site. Google sends crawlers out and it helps log everything you have to offer so it can be presented to the right user.

On-site SEO  is everything you do on your website itself. This means optimizing tags, meta descriptions, URLS and everything else you can think of. This also will help those crawlers we talked about with Technical SEO.

Your website images matter, too. Make sure they are formatted correctly, small file size (as to not slow down your website), tagged, and with good descriptions. Basically, you need to tell Google what it is looking at.

Mobile Friendly! This is something we have talked about before and you can re-read that here. Make sure your website looks great on all screen sizes and that Google agrees with you. You can test that with Google here

Link building is good when done correctly. This creates long-term value. You can’t just go and put links to your site everywhere you can find. Well, you can but it won’t do you any good, in fact, it will hurt you. Find sites or pages that it makes sense to put your link on and put it on there! OR ELSE!